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This is going to make a lot more sense if you read this first:

5 Days, 5 Ways to Style the GrandPro Rally: Working From Home Without Most of Your Clothes Edition 

WEDNESDAY: You know what can bring a little bit of coziness to a cold, gray, unfeeling world? A flannel shirt. You know what today needs? Three flannel shirts. And it would’ve been five if the other two didn’t have macaroni and cheese spilled all over them. Screw it. Let’s dig through the laundry hamper, pull those bad boys out, scrape the stains away with the lid off a can of tuna and get cozy AF in here while we contemplate how the hell life brought us to this point, and whether we’ll ever get to go outside and lick random things like we used to.

Goes well with a hat from the college your son is now locked out of, the only pair of jeans currently in your possession that doesn’t have a rip in the butt, and a palpable sense that every time you walk outside you’re the only one taking this whole 10-feet-apart-please thing seriously.

NOT PICTURED: The homemade mask you fashioned out of a coffee filter, a unicorn T-shirt your daughter grew out of two years ago that you still have lying around in the back of her closet, and the rubber bands off of a wilted stalk of broccoli.

Coming tomorrow: Thursday!


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